Digital Wallet

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On-the-go payments made easier for our members

Your smartphone can do nearly anything, so make it even smarter by turning it into a payment device. All you need to do is link your Sacramento Credit Union (SCU) Visa® credit or debit card to the digital wallet you choose, and you're ready to make purchases with less effort and more security.

Empower your device:

SCUs Digital Wallet options are available for mobile devices to make purchases even quicker.

Apple Pay®

Add your SCU cards to Passbook® so you can use Apple Pay for in-store and in-app purchases. You'll still get all the rewards, benefits and protection from SCU cards. Each time you use Apple Pay, your transaction is screened using best-in-class technology to detect suspicious activity, and your numbers are never stored on your device or shared with the merchant.

Here's how to add your SCU cards to the Passbook app on your iPhone:

  • Open the app; if your SCU debit or credit card is already on file with Apple iTunes®, you can quickly import it into Apple Pay by entering the security code on the back of your card.
  • To add an SCU debit or credit card that is not in iTunes, enter your card information manually or hold your iPhone over the card and use the device camera to capture it automatically.
  • Your card is ready to use; ensure your SCU card is your default payment card by going to "Settings," selecting "Passbook & Apple Pay," then "Default Card." Choose your SCU card from the list and you're ready to shop.

For more information about compatible devices and participating merchants, visit the Apple Pay website.

Samsung Pay®

Use Samsung Pay almost anywhere your SCU Visa cards are accepted. Here's how to connect your card to Samsung Pay:

  1. Open the Samsung Pay app on your mobile phone and follow the on-screen installation and set-up instructions.
  2. Once complete, touch "Add a Credit or Debit Card." To add additional cards, touch "Add."
  3. Take a picture of your SCU Visa card using your mobile phone, or type in your card information.
  4. Secure it with your fingerprint and backup PIN.

You're ready to use Samsung Pay for your purchases. For more information about Samsung Pay device compatibility, visit their website.

Android Pay™

Here's how to turn your Android into a mobile wallet connected to your SCU Visa cards:

  1. Open the Android Pay app and touch the "+" sign to add your SCU Visa debit or credit card.
  2. Take a picture of your SCU Visa debit or credit card using your mobile phone, or type in your card information.
  3. Save your SCU Visa card as your default payment option by selecting it within the Android Pay app or by going to "Google Settings."
VISA Checkout

Online payments are even easier when you enroll in Visa Checkout.

  • Pay with a single log in from any device
  • Guard your data with multiple security layers
  • Keep earning rewards with every use of your Visa Platinum Rewards Plus Card

Send, request and receive money directly from your bank account using this fast, easy and secure online personal payment service. You can send money to someone using their email address, mobile phone number or account information:

  • Email address: Your contact will receive an email with instructions on how to direct the payment into his or her account.
  • Mobile number: A text message will be sent to the recipient on your behalf with instructions for how to direct the payment into his or her account. You will want to tell your contact that standard message and data rates may apply.
  • Account information (routing and account number): The money will be deposited directly into your contact's account. You will also have the option to send an email to your contact.