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When times are tough, we help families get back on their feet

Financial troubles are stressful and can affect all aspects of life. It's OK to ask for help. That's where our partner, ClearPoint, comes in. Their team of financial specialists can talk you through any type of financial challenge and provide feedback and guidance that will make a difference in your life.

Comprehensive counseling to lift you up:


ClearPoint Credit Counseling Solutions, a nonprofit consumer financial counseling and educational services agency, was established in 1980 to help clients identify the source of their financial burdens and make informed financial choices. In order to better serve the increasing financial needs of today's consumers, our expanded suite of services now includes budget counseling, credit counseling, housing counseling and bankruptcy counseling services. For the past 30 years, ClearPoint has helped more than one million clients achieve financial security. Contact us at (877) 877-1995 or online at for more information.


ClearPoint Credit Counseling Solutions™
ClearPoint's Financial Specialists educate consumers on budgeting and the wise use of credit. This one-time session provides a comprehensive and confidential assessment of an individual's current financial situation, complete with a working budget, financial education tools and savings tips. In addition, ClearPoint's Financial Specialists assist clients in the educational process of retrieval, review, interpretation, safe-keeping and resolution of credit reporting information. Financial Specialists will also teach the basics of the credit scoring system including how it is determined and ways to improve the score over time.
ClearPoint Debt Management Solutions™
For those who need extra help to overcome their debt burden, ClearPoint offers a customizable Debt Management Program (DMP). This plan is voluntary, and consumers must qualify through a detailed needs assessment. ClearPoint contacts unsecured creditors such as credit card companies, doctors, and lawyers, and negotiates with them for special considerations. On the DMP, clients will increase their rate of debt repayment by following ClearPoint resolution efforts: lowering payments, reducing interest rates, waiving fees and re-aging accounts for existing debt. Clients make just one monthly payment to ClearPoint. ClearPoint distributes payments to each of the clients' creditors.
ClearPoint Bankruptcy Counseling Solutions™
Consumers considering bankruptcy are required to complete pre-bankruptcy counseling and pre-discharge debtor education through a US Trustee-approved provider. ClearPoint offers counseling in-person, by phone or over the Internet to ensure that individuals and families are prepared to file for bankruptcy. Clients will be fully educated on their options, as well as the consequences of this important financial decision. Our Financial Specialists are certified and specially trained to conduct detailed financial assessments and provide the best solutions for consumers' financial troubles. Our educators also instruction to ensure you have the necessary skills and tools to help you avoid falling back into debt and prepare you for the future. This education also provided over the Internet, in workshops or in-person, fulfills the requirements of Pre-Discharge Debtor Education.

ClearPoint Housing Counseling Solutions™
This service provides educational guidance and budgeting advice that directly addresses a consumer's current mortgage related situation and finds viable solutions to financial difficulties. This service includes the following topics: foreclosure, late mortgage payments and collections, budget and credit review and how to get the most out of home ownership by establishing an action plan to effectively manage future housing goals. In addition, our Financial Specialists offer reverse mortgage counseling and home pre-purchase education.